About Us


Lover Dovers creates RETRO STORYBOOK STYLE dresses and aprons!
RETRO APRONS and KIDS dresses are my passion!! I love the vintage aprons and clothes from the 50's. I love to interpret vintage aprons into my styles.

I taught myself to sew by the age of five. After high school I earned my degree in Fashion Design. I worked in the Fashion Industry for ten years before creating Lover Dovers. and opening my shop on Etsy.

Lover Dovers was created when I found out that I was expecting my 2nd child. After the shock had gone away that I was expecting, I got the most intense urge to sew little girl dresses. I had no idea if I was having a boy or a girl, but I sewed stacks of sweet bibs, blankets and dresses. I just could not sew enough sweet stuff!!

It ended up that I did have a new little girl named Lola to design new dresses for. I remembered that when my older daughter Adeline was little, I had sewed her practical cotton princess dresses so she could be comfortable and dress up like a princess all the time. I decided at that time to realize my life long dream of having my own children's line. So I started Lover Dovers in 2006 and I started selling online in 2008.

It has been quite and adventure since then. Online Store has been an amazing way to meet such wonderful people from around the world. So many unexpected things have happened since I quit my day job and went full time into Lover Dovers.

These are a few highlights:

2013- Lover Dovers practical Rapunzel Princess dress is featured on the Tide Laundry Soap commercial during the Super Bowl ! The commercial is called: The Princess Dress

2014- Kate Winslet was presented a Lover Dovers apron by Kathy Bates when she was getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2015- Two of Lover Dovers Snow White apron photos were hung in a German Museum. The Kunstverein Gottingen, the artist Viktoria Binschtok randomly pick photos online to put in the museum as a collection.

THANK YOU for reading my story and God Bless!