The 10 Most Adorable Baby girl Halloween costumes ever!

Hello again to all our lovely Lover ❤ Dovers friends! Today I am excited to talk about the list of our top 10 most adorable baby girl Halloween costumes ever. Not only are they super cute but they are comfortable for baby so there won’t be any tears over wearing a Lover Dovers costume. Don’t forget to have your own personal DIY photoshoot before the fun and trick or treating starts, you will definitely want to capture the moment, show friends and family just how adorable and kissable 💕baby will look this Halloween. Make Halloween easier with one of our easy and ready to wear costumes from this list.

#1- Little Red Riding Hood  Available to buy here!
Red Riding Hood is the perfect costume for Grandmas special girl. Show her off to your friends but keep an eye out for the Big Bad Wolf on your way over to grandmas for trick or treating, baby will be so cute that the bad wolf could just gobble her right up! Get daddy involved by dressing him up as the wolf or get grandma or mommy in on the costume, so many fun possibilities for the whole family make this our number one pick.


#2- Little Bo Peep Available to buy here!
Little Bo Peep is just so sweet in pink and blue! This costume is fun to dress up, with a bonnet, shepherds crook, and knee socks baby will be ready to go in search of her sheep or even a yummy treat. Dress up the dog as her sheep or even big brother to share the fun of this adorable costume.


#3- Snow White Available to buy here!
This whimsical costume features beautiful jewel tones that are very eye-catching and other features such as crisscross ribbon laced up bust with a cute little bow and silky detailed frills. Your little darling will be sure to charm all seven dwarfs in this fun apron.



#4- Chip Available to buy here!
Chip is super-duper cute! Pair this baby tutu apron with our women’s Mrs. Potts apron to be the cutest pair around. I just love our teacup apron brimming with squishy baby rolls hehe Pinch!



#5 Belle Available to buy here!

Beautiful Belle my personal favorite princess, she embraces the lovely look of the Victorian era France with cute little rosebuds and rich yellow satin with inlaid roses. This look will be breathtakingly lovely on your sweet baby.
Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. There’s a costume that I heard of once in a lullaby. Lover Dovers is making daydreams come true with this super cute costume, no need to travel to Oz anymore! This costume has a cute blue gingham, ultra frilly skirt with red satin trim and bow. Don’t forget to bring your little Toto dog along for the cherry on top.
#7- Tinkerbell Available to buy here!
Have you done every princess costume already? Try something different with fabulous, sparkle, and frills as our favorite little flying fairy with attitude, Tinkerbelle! Beautiful emerald green will have your baby standing out in a crowd and is sure to impress. Who couldn’t love these tiny wings, so cute!
#8- Minnie Mouse Available to buy here!
Does your baby have a sweet personality like our favorite stylish lady mouse Minnie? Big contrasting red and white dots with black trim is a bold classic fashion statement that catches the eye. This costume has so many fun possibilities to dress up and looks amazing in photos. Also can be used for a retro look such as I ❤ Lucy.
#9- Rapunzel Available to buy here!
A princess right out of the folk fairy tales. Rapunzel is a charming beauty with a soft adorable color scheme we just love! Soft purples, pinks, and gold with embossed satin look rich and fancy yet also just right for a walk on a moonlit path through the woods. 💕
#10- Alice in Wonderland Available to buy here!
Send your baby down the rabbit hole and on a fantastic adventure with this lovely costume. Her babble and baby talk will fit right in, in the peculiar fantasy world of wonderland. Add magical touches by using a stuffed white rabbit, cookies that say Eat Me or a baby bottle that says Drink Me.
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