Gnome Apron with Strawberry Print


This cute gnome apron for women is a perfect retro costume! Just wear something basic underneath and accessorize. After you play dress up, it is a fully functional apron. So you can wear it to cook and clean.

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GNOME Costume APRON for women, Fast and Easy Gnome Costume apron

This is a fun new women’s costume apron to easily play dress up !!!
Just wear something basic underneath for fast and easy Gnome costume. And after you play dress up, you can use it in the kitchen to make your chores more fun.
This fun Gnome apron has an adorable strawberry printed apron that gives is a pretty vintage feeling. Perfect for a family or group costume.

Comes in 2 women’s sizes:

Small/Medium fits a women’s extra small size 0 to about a 12
Large/XL fits a women’s size 12 to a 24

The size SM/MED will fit an 8 year old and up

*Beautiful strawberry printed apron
*Retro style designed to flatter!!
*for dress up and use in the kitchen
*Machine washable and tumble dry
*Ties are adjustable to fit your size
*Sizes are very easy to fit
*Top of apron is fully lined for durability
*Flirty sweetheart shaped bodice
*Lover Dovers quality that you can rely on


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