Adorable Mommy and Me Costume Ideas

Hello there Lover ❤ Dovers friends!

Today we would like to show you why Mommy and Me costumes are just the best idea ever for this Halloween. It can be so much fun to dress up and have your own little matching Minnie me to show off to all your friends and family. Don’t you want to win that costume contest this year?? Lover Dovers has just what you need to be the envy of all this season. Don’t forget to have your own DIY photoshoot before all the fun happens! DIY Baby Photos Made Easy with These Photoshoot Tips


#1 Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Lady Tremain, Suzy & Perla. Buy them here!

The possibilities are endless with our Cinderella costume collection for babies, children, and women!


#2 Little Bo Peep Buy them here!

I just love this costume with its soft bubblegum pinks and blues, so sweet! Bo Peep, her sheep and maybe even cowboy daddy too?



#3 Dorothy Buy them here!

Follow the yellow brick road and travel to the land of Oz this Halloween in these darling Dorothy costumes, and don’t forget her little dog, Toto, too! We just love the simple classic country maiden look of this costume. 💕



#4 Moana Buy it here! and Here!

Get ready to Hula your way to the next trick or treat stop in our lovely Moana costume.

This is a very Limited edition small batch costume so get it while it lasts. 🌺