We are thrilled that everyone who buys Lover Dovers, knows that  they are getting a magical and quality garment worthy of  PRINCESSES of all ages!

Before I created Lover Dovers, I was working in the Fashion Industry for various companies. I felt unsatisfied trying to cater to big box retailers and the mass markets. I knew that I  was not able to express my true creative potential working for someone else’s company and vision. I longed to be designing the sweetest things that I could dream up. Ribbons, tutus and bows, that is what I love. So as a side project from my regular job, I started Lover Dovers. I had just had just gotten pregnant with my  2nd daughter and I got this extreme urge to sew little girl dresses. I would sew them by the stacks–and Lover Dovers was born.

Soon after starting Lover Dovers , I remembered that when my oldest daughter was little I made her comfortable princess dresses so she could dress up like a princess all day and every day. So I went back to designing those comfortable princess dresses. I started selling them in my Lover Dovers shop and they were a hit! So many little girls also wanted to feel like a princess all the time and be comfortable too.  Not too long after I created my signature apron dress style, I started making women’s  princess aprons. Lover Dovers is the true originator of the costume apron.

Lover Dovers was started in 2006 and I feel very satisfied and happy that I can bring you Lover Dovers “Retro Story Book Style Designs”!